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Tenant Screening Services: KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Takes the Stress Out of the Process

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

When it comes to managing rental properties, one of the most crucial steps in ensuring a successful and stress-free experience is thorough tenant screening. Selecting the right tenants can make a world of difference, and that's where KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT excels. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of comprehensive tenant screening and highlight how KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT makes this process both stress-free and effective.

Why Tenant Screening Matters

1. Protecting Your Property: Thorough tenant screening helps safeguard your property from potential damages caused by irresponsible tenants. By assessing the applicant's rental history, creditworthiness, and references, you can gain insight into their ability to maintain your property in good condition.

2. Minimizing Rental Income Loss: By selecting reliable tenants who pay their rent on time, you can minimize the risk of income loss due to missed or late payments. A comprehensive screening process helps identify tenants with a strong financial background and a history of meeting their rental obligations.

3. Ensuring a Safe Environment: Tenant screening allows you to prioritize the safety of your property and other residents. By conducting background checks, you can identify any criminal history or other red flags that may pose a risk to the community.

4. Reducing Tenant Turnover: Finding long-term, stable tenants is a goal for every property owner. By conducting thorough screenings, you can identify individuals who are likely to stay for an extended period. This helps minimize turnover, which can be costly and time-consuming.

How KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Excels at Tenant Screening

1. Comprehensive Application Process: KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT implements an in-depth application process that collects all the necessary information from potential tenants. This includes rental history, income verification, credit checks, employment verification, and references.

2. Background Checks and Credit Screening: KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT conducts comprehensive background checks, including criminal records, to ensure the safety and security of the property and other tenants. Additionally, credit screening provides valuable insights into an applicant's financial responsibility and payment history.

3. Thorough Reference Verification: KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT takes the time to contact previous landlords and personal references to gain a better understanding of an applicant's behavior, reliability, and suitability as a tenant. This step helps establish a clearer picture of the prospective tenant's character and rental habits.

4. Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in property management, KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT possesses the expertise to effectively evaluate applicant information and identify any potential risks or red flags. Their team knows what to look for and how to interpret the data to make informed decisions.

5. Streamlined and Efficient Process: KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT understands the importance of a smooth and efficient screening process. By utilizing technology and streamlined procedures, they minimize the time and effort required from both property owners and applicants, making the entire process stress-free.


Thorough tenant screening is an essential aspect of successful property management, ensuring the protection of your investment, minimizing income loss, promoting a safe environment, and reducing tenant turnover. KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT stands out in their dedication to conducting comprehensive screenings, saving you time, stress, and potential headaches. With their expertise, experience, and commitment to efficiency, you can trust KESHMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT to find the right tenants for your rental property.



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